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This is Aaron Regev, a top performing salesperson by profession, a proud father of 4 children and a happy husband with 30 successful years of married life.
Envelop Staffing

Bringing home the groceries isn’t as affordable as it used to be. With expenses scaling up every minute, looking for ways to bag in some extra cash is definitely a great idea. Do you agree? Well, I was certainly in the hot waters and extra income was a need of the hour. On exploring my options, trying hands-on envelope stuffing jobs seemed both easy and lucrative.

Guess what? I sure did make the right pick.

It is okay if you are not quite schooled about how envelope stuffing jobs work or pay. I am here to spill the…

Trends in Data Science

It’s a brand new year with new calendar pages! If 2020 looks no different than 2021 from the perspective of the data world, then you are very wrong. This is because data science, machine learning and other forms of Artificial Intelligence will be a crucial part of the developing plans of organizations where data play a significant role. Most organizations have already started to implement advanced data science and machine learning technologies. The obvious result? Well, data science and machine learning experts are high in demand.

You might be curious to learn who a data scientist is, right? Well, a…

Mobile Application Security

Are you still keep on scratching your head to know whether your mobile application is sufficiently secured or not? If yes, it’s high time you should put serious thought into considering a security assessment by a professional IT Security Services.

Based on the first quarter of the 2019 Nielsen Total Audience Report, we can see that the average US consumers spend three hours and 48 minutes on average a day on digital media, they spend almost 62% of that time on different apps and websites via smartphones.

Since most of the apps have access to the data of the users…

SaaS Customer Support

The success of any business greatly depends on the quality of the products or service that they are offering. True! But when it comes to determining the success rate of the SaaS companies, the customer support satisfaction rate strongly matters. Now, you might be wondering to know the reason behind it. Well, having a poor customer service always leads to poor customer retention rate and negative customer satisfaction.

What is more important- a superior product or a great quality of customer support?

Most of the SaaS companies pay the major attention on building great software or app which are completely…

Artificial Intelligence

2020 has already unfolded as a crucial year in terms of the relationship between artificial intelligence and sales.

This year, artificial intelligence will play a significant role in sales departments of various organizations. One of the markable implications will be in the area of CRMs. CRMs have become an inevitable part of sales departments. This year there will be a prominent surge in the use of artificial intelligence and CRMs. Artificial Intelligence always enhances the efficiencies and capabilities of CRM.

Whether it comes automating time-consuming tasks, enhancing human insights, analyzing the hidden trends in massive storage of data, or offering…

The last few years have seen a slew of reforms in the influencer marketing room, from the FDA’s ongoing inquiry into digital pharmaceutical ads to the Federal Trade Commission’s $15.3 million settlement with popular detox tea brand Teami in March 2020 — and already, “the goalpost has been pushed more in 2021,” according to marketing specialists. …

A home warranty plan can safeguard you from the unexpected expenses associated with home appliances and systems repairing or replacements.
A home warranty plan can safeguard you from the unexpected expenses associated with home appliances and systems repairing or replacements.

What is a home warranty or home protection plan? In a nutshell, it can be defined as an annual contract that covers the repairing or replacement cost of home appliances or systems if they break down due to regular wear and tear.

These days, most of the things that you buy come with a warranty plan and your home is also not an exception to it. You can get a home warranty plan, too.

A home warranty provides financial protection to homeowners who often face unexpected problems with their household appliances and systems.

Many people purchase a one-year home warranty…

If you are planning to fix your malfunctioning refrigerator, you need to know how to find the right technician who can fix and bring your refrigerator back into running condition. So this article tells you about the mistakes that you should avoid when looking for a refrigerator repairing professional.

Your refrigerator should be about 40 degrees Fahrenheit and any temperature above it can damage the foods in it.

But what if your refrigerator is acting up? Do not ever ignore the problem or else, you would end up with the adverse case of food poisoning.

It is always a good…

Let’s accept the fact- homeownership is a stressful job. No one enjoys the unwanted stress and expense of repairing or replacing broken appliances or systems in your home. As a homeowner, you need to focus on different things and this is the reason why you should be well prepared for the challenges that come with running a household. From a leaky dishwasher to a broken HVAC system, to a malfunctioning garbage washer, there are many situations where a home protection warranty can be your best help.

A lot of people believe home appliance and system repair or replacement is a…

Moving into a new house is not a simple job at all. It’s one of the challenging decisions for a lot of home buyers. Homebuyers need to look into several things prior to buying a home. Also, they experience many difficulties with the home appliances, systems and its services during the initial stage. In fact, we have had the experience of an unexpected breakdown of home appliances or systems in high time. This is exactly where a home warranty plan comes into the picture.

Buying a new home is a big headache for a lot of homeowners and home protection…

Aaron Regev

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